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Reborn in a new world without his memories, a former god, Shaggy Rogers, searches for his purpose in life.

Finding Shaggy (1)

Reborn in a new world without his memories, a former god, Shaggy Rogers, searches for his purpose in life.


"Lord Shaggy..." they whispered, disembodied hands of shadow reaching for his slumbering figure. On his bed, Shaggy began to squirm, sweat beading on his temple. "Our Lord Shaggy..." "Like, don't, man," Shaggy mumbled in his sleep, tears forming in the corners of his eyes. "Scooby Doo, where are you...?"

With a gasp, Shaggy sat up, clutching his chest. "Zoinks!" Shaggy looked around his room. "Like... what was that?" "Hmph. How pathetic." Shaggy had to rub his eyes when a figure suddenly appeared on the end of his bed. "L-Like, who are you, man?"

This hooded figure was giving him bad vibes, Shaggy decided, feeling under his pillow for the nunchucks he kept under there. The figure scoffed, removing the hood on his head. "Please, as if such a pitiful thing would ever hurt me." "Like, just tell me what you want, man!" snapped Shaggy.

"Hmph. Very well." He smirked, and suddenly Shaggy had a vision of the man destroying a planet. Strangely, such a feat did not scare him. It was as if... Shaggy knew that the man—who had hair shaped like a troll doll's—was... beneath him, somehow. As if the man had sensed what he was thinking, he immediately scowled. "My name is Prince Vegeta, and I hail from Planet Vegeta."

"Like, where?" Vegeta ignored his question, continuing on, "You are probably more familiar with my title as Lord Vegeta, one of the Twelve Lords of Edge." The named sounded very familiar to Shaggy, but he couldn't quite place a finger on it. When he thought about it more, it made his head hurt like a butt-cheek on a stick.

Vegeta paused, his brow lowering. "Recently, we've had an incident regarding one of our Twelve Edge Lords. I will not go into details, but let's just say that there are eleven-and-a-half now..." He chuckled darkly, and Shaggy cringed, drawing his blankets closer to him. "Oh, stop that. I can't believe someone as great and powerful as you has been reduced to a sniveling mortal..."

"S-So, like, what do you need me to do, man?" Shaggy swallowed a lump in his throat. He shouldn't have been scared of Vegeta, but the other male just felt so edgy. It was as if his personality was an amalgamation of every edge and point in his porcupine-esque hair. "In order to keep the balance of the universe in, well, BALANCE..."

"Yeah?" Shaggy prompted. "I need your help," Vegeta ground out, clearly displeased about that fact. "Keep in mind that I'm only here because the others are cheaters at jan-ken-pon!" "L-Like, s-sure, man, whatever you say..." Shaggy nodded agreeably, hoping he didn't sound too insincere.

"What I need for you to do is to travel to the Elemental Nations and recruit one of its citizens into lordship." Vegeta procured a crystal ball seemingly out of nowhere, and Woogle Maps appeared on the surface of the ball. Vegeta proceeded to zoom in on a location. "This is his current location: Konohagakure, or the Village Hidden in the Leaves if you watch dub. His name... is Uchiha Sasuke."

Shaggy put his face close to the ball, awed. "Like, that's pretty neat!" Vegeta glared down at him. "Forget about that, clown. Will you help me or not? If you choose to accept my quest, then perhaps you will be in Lord Ellivron's favor once again. If not..." Vegeta tucked the crystal ball away. "Then I'm afraid I can't help you with your punishment."

Punishment? What was Vegeta talking about? Shaggy shook his head. That wasn't his concern right about now. This man clearly needed his help, if the underlying look of desperation in his countenance was any indication. As a former member of Mystery Incorporated, he was bound by his duty to help Edge Lord Vegeta. Plus, this Hidden in the Leaves place didn't sound like it had any ghosts or monsters about.

"Alright," Shaggy said, confident. "I'll do it, Vegeta!" "Haha!" Vegeta raised his hand. "Now, Shimmer!" Seemingly out of nowhere, an orange unicorn appeared. "Right! Hold still, Lord Shaggy, this will be over in an instant." "Like, what?!" Shaggy held up his arms just as the unicorn fired the spell.

Suddenly, Shaggy was falling in a void, his voice lost to oblivion. The last thing he heard before everything went black was... "Good luck... Lord Shaggy of Dank..."


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