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J.C., my only lover, my perfect night.

J. C.

My problem lies on the truth,

for I thought I knew what that meant.

Constantly seeking for youth,

and phrasing things I once heard.

Then one day you crossed my path,

without warning.

You started talking about your present,

your future,

your past...

I had no compass, for you, the sea.

I wanted steady, but you, the storm.

I needed more, and you, the promise.

I saw it all, only you, the sun.

All the kisses, soft and creamy,

falling from laughter on the floor;

listening to songs about the cities

that one day we would explore.

No danger, no harm,

no later, just now.

We closed with a crescendo,

our bodies becoming one.

Society demanding sacramento,

yet we settled with just that night.

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