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It’s a short story, to remember to breathe, even when you’re at your worst. It’s a short story, to remember why you are here. To remember you’re here for a reason.

10 minutes,

By. Kendra0929

She had 10 minutes to choose, if she stayed or if she left...

10 minutes to scream for help or stay in silence, 10 minutes to change everyone’s life,

She stared at the blade as if it would scream the answer she needed,

9 minutes, She inhaled until her lungs were full to calm her mind a little bit more, Exhale..

8 minutes, Is what it took her, to remember that smile her sibling gave her.

7 minutes, To remember her childhood joys at the park,.. In the car.. In the woods,

6 minutes, To remember her first love, And first heartbreak...

5 minutes, to change her life, As she lays on the bathroom floor, with the old cut marks on her skin reminding her... SHE HAS MADE IT.

4 minutes, To break down as.. 1.. 2.. 3.. Tears slid down her face as she left that bathroom... CRAVING to release her pain.

1 minute, To grab her bear and cry herself to sleep. It told her 10 minutes to change what could have happened. If she didn’t just breathe.

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