When are you right?
When do you know that you are right? reality stories

kelvo_quorolana Writing for chocolate
Autoplay OFF   •   3 years ago
Does it really matter whether your decision was right?

When are you right?

Is it when things unfold like you wanted them to?

But then what about all the unexpected surprises?

Were they bad?

Or is it when the path to your goal becomes easy

As if it were a walk in the park

The same park that you have been going to since you were 5

But then don't they say that the right path is often hard?

Maybe it is when you are finally happy with what you are doing

When you don't need an alarm clock to wake you up

When you don't need to search for excuses to avoid it

When you find that the path in front of you isn't hard but adventurous

In the end I think it isn't about whether the decision is right or wrong

Maybe it is about whether it makes you happy or not...

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