Vapor to Rain
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How much should we change?

Vapor to Rain

Better to light a match than to keep cursing the Darkness - Anonymous

I was dancing on flames

A phoenix rising out of the fire

Out of a fire that destroyed instead of created

Out of a fire that burned rather than warmed.

The tantalising smell of rain caressing the ground played with my senses

The playful beat of the raindrops was Beethoven's Symphony

I was water falling from the sky

Water dripping down bodies

But while they cooled I sizzled

While they sighed I turned to vapour

I was the essence of spring flowers

Of flowers that grew with a plethora of colours

Submerged in natures' warmth

Drowning in my own happiness

But then why was I picked?

Why was I brutally ripped from my source of love

To celebrate the love of someone else

Why was I burnt in the fire?

Why was I the one who was turned to vapour?

Why was I the one who was ripped apart?

Why am I the one who always gets hurt?

Such daggers aim for my body.

My heart. My soul.

Avoiding them till my breath became air

Running from them till the land became the sky

Till I became air

Floating out of grasp

Slipping through clutches

But these words didn't follow any of these norms

They commanded my soul

"Thou shalt run no more"

And just like that my soul came to a jarring stop

My journey came to a shocking end.

I closed my eyes not wanting to see death approach

My eyelashes ,from unsaid dreams, weeping

My skin, from unspent emotions, crying

I could feel death approaching

Crawling from behind as the daggers rushed towards me

The wind singing as they cut through everything

Ravaging even time in its path

Each one hitting its target

Leaving me physically whole but mentally deranged

I, a lunatic wandering from shore to shore in search of my own

Going through ships to find my own anchor

Breaking people's hearts so that I could find my own

My own life. My own essence. My own guilt.

I lay, awaiting the end, on the shore

Knowing that no wave could distance me further then I already was

No wave could drench me more then my tears had

No scent would wake me up from the sleep that I was in

And as I lay I saw the bride sneak a flower from her bouquet

The same flower that had been ripped away from its love

Was now the embodiment of love for someone

I saw the man sigh in relief as the water soothed his burns

The water that once was a mere drop out of many

Was the water that had made him smile

The water that would have peacefully joined the crowd in the ocean

Had now gone through pain and removed the pain of another

And as I saw this the clouds moved away from the sun

Melting like cotton candy in a child's mouth

That day as I relished the feeling of putting a smile on someone's face

The sounds around me were multiplied by infinity

And as I walked back home I realised that sometimes

It is better to be the one loosing then gaining

Loosing sadness

Loosing wilted leaves

Loosing chains that would have become your noose

And loosing the parts of you that would have never caused you happiness

At the end of the day it isn't about turning a new leaf

It isn't about rising from the flames

In the end it is about holding onto your essence

Deciding what to keep and what to change

Deciding whether to leap or to fall

At the end it is just about turning From Vapour To Rain

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