The Place
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kelvo_quorolana Writing for chocolate
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Why can't such a kind and accepting world exist? Why can't we make this reality?

The Place

I stood at the edge

It lead to a place I had never been

A place much more beautiful

Much more splendid

A place where the sky glows with happiness

Where colours are for painting

Gender a part of your identity

Where age shows experience gained and not time lost...

It will be a place where I can finally cry

Let the rivers of emotion flood out of me

Washing everything of my skin

Until all that is left is a newborn

Open to flying and falling

Open to black and white

A place where I will finally be happy.

Happiness that fear isn't what will hold me back

Fear of whether I did something wrong

Whether my loved ones will be proud of what I did

Whether I will ever accomplish my dreams

Fear of whether the society will frown upon me

It would be a lovely place

And then I closed my eyes

Wiped a few treacherous tears that had escaped

And went back to bed

After all this place exists only in dreams

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