The Darkness to my Light
The Darkness to my Light  saveyourself stories

kelvo_quorolana Writing for chocolate
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A poem to describe certain weird relations that we have with people we may not necessary be on good terms with.

The Darkness to my Light

She was the darkness to my light

I needed her as much as the stars needed gaps to form constellations

And just as much as silver depends on grey to shine

Why you might ask did I need her?

No, not to compare. After all the void and the sun have no comparison

And not for help either. As when did water ever help fire.

I needed her for something much deeper and much more important.

She was the one that helped me cross the river

By being the boat for me

Not to sail on, but to sink in

Forced to swim or otherwise face death by drowning

She was the one that showed me that beauty came from within

Not by telling me how beautiful I was from the inside

But by showing me how to call one pretty while having a disgusted look.

She never realised that this is what I needed her for

To scout out the evil in the world before so I could see

To condense that evil and show it to me everyday

And watch me squirm and cry

Only to then see me get back on my feet

I needed her to see how dark the world can be

Needed her to find the light that I had in me

Because after all we only switch on the light when it is dark.

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