Ghost of the present
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kelvo_quorolana Writing for chocolate
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Are ghosts really the scariest things that we can encounter in today's times?

Ghost of the present

He was home alone.

The rain was thrashing against his window.


He headed towards the door to find out the source of the sound.


Thump. Thump.

Thump. Thump. Thump.

He crept towards the door as softly as he could.

As if sensing his approach the thumping grew louder and faster

As if they had gotten a life of their own. As if they weren't a part of a creature but a creature themselves.

Although what he didn't know was that the footsteps were just the beginning. There was nothing in the world to prepare him for what came next.


The hairs on his hands stood up. Sweat slowly dripped down his back. And along with the sweat his courage dropped down as well.

" hm....Who is it?" He asked shaking even as is feet remained glued to the floor.

He waited for a reply. One minute

He waited for a reply. One minute Two minutes

He waited for a reply. One minute Two minutes Three minutes

Finally he came to the decision that it was better to die in a fight then die due to fear.

He turned the door knob slowly. Creeeaaaaak The door screamed, as if voicing his fears, giving away his hiding spot.

"Wh...Who is there?", he whispered

And in reply came the horrifying voice. "I AM COMINGGGG FOR YOUUU"

And slowly a group of women appeared in front of him.

Their eyes black as midnight speaking volumes of the violence that they had seen and the violence that they could do on him.

After all they were his wife, his ex-girlfriend, the girl he teased, his sister and his mother.

After all she was his wife, his mistress, the girl he teased, his sister and his mother. All the women he had ever wronged.

And he suddenly wished that he rather have faced the typical ghost.

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