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kelvo_quorolana Writing for chocolate
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Why are dreams so important?


Wisps of cotton floating away

Filling the air up with unsaid and spent dreams

Those that are imaginary fly away but those that can be achieved stay behind

Filling up the air, following you everywhere as if to remind you

That had it not been for these dreams your existence is futile

They follow you everywhere, being careful to keep their distance until you succeed

And then they brush across your skin with a lover's touch

Cleaning of all the dirt

Bringing light and colours into your life

But if you shall ever fail them

They will thrash across your back like wet stones

Gone then is the lover's touch

Gone is the light

Gone are those colours

After all what good will this do to a dead man

It is funny how people think that people cry in the rain because it hides the tears

When the reality is that each falling raindrop reminds you of your own fall

It is not the tears that you hide when you are in the rain

But the hope that maybe this went wrong for a reason

The happiness that you won't have to work anymore

And then you walk past this all and dream again...

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