You sound like my dad
You sound like my dad sad stories
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kelseywoods uncomfortable poet
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A contrast between two people in my life and how, in the end, they feel the same

You sound like my dad

by kelseywoods

Ever since I was little, I've had this fear

My dad would yell And his face would turn red Screaming So loudly Until my head was rattling with his words And the tears poured down my face

"He doesn't realize how he sounds"

My mom would always say that She would tell me "That's just how he was raised" And I would wonder Why, if his parents raised him this way, he would choose To raise me like that as well

I'd run to the bathroom, slam the door, curl up in the tub

Letting my breath catch up With my fast-beating heart With my knees at my chin Holding my legs Scared "It's okay, it's okay, it's okay" Whispering between tears Afraid

"I never said I was a good person"

He says that a lot After someone confronts him Usually my mom As she holds me at her side My reddened face hiding behind her

"I never said I was a good person"

You say, now You are not my father Yet you make the same excuses As you make me cry And I feel like the little girl Hiding herself away Rocking silently in an empty tub Waiting for the end

Well, here is the end

The end the little girl waited for Remembering that moment Where her father watched her As she looked in the mirror and chanted "I hate you, I hate you" At her reflection

Here is the end

For her I stand, no longer holding my knees Without any comfort Opening the bathroom door Ready for the berating once more Ready for the end Where is our end? Where is it?

The room is silent

I listen to your words once more I ponder them over in my head The fighting The crying It's all too much for me now The blackness of the room Folds in on me Until I am no more

All that is left is the good person I thought you were

"I never said I was a good person" Well, you never said it But I thought it

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