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kelseywoods uncomfortable poet
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my feelings as of late haven't been the best, and my depression just keeps slipping back into the place I've tried to keep it from


it comes in waves drawing in the tide the waves nipping and gently kissing the crevices of my inner core in ways I do not want to be touched by the darkened water

passing stimuli unwanted nothings

I have always had a sinking suspicion that I am meant to die young from the earliest memory of driving down a highway in the back seat of my cousin's car barely eleven years old when a vision crept over me of my body twisted in wreckage

I am no longer a child yet I am yet on the cusp of adulthood eighteen is something of a mistake

walking down the campus corridor of an empty collegiate hall alone feeling the creeping water nipping at my heels of oncoming death I do not want to die yet I feel I must

I tell my therapist I do not want to leave my bed in the mornings she frowns the corners of her mouth form a straight line reminiscent of the tide where the sun sets upon the horizon

I want to drown but I keep pushing up wanting to pull myself out by the other part of me wants to stay and sink deeper and I am conflicted

I have never been afraid of the water yet perhaps I should be

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