Unacknowledged history
Unacknowledged history bandom stories

kelseywoods uncomfortable poet
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Kind of inspired by a fanfic I read one time years ago. Falling in love in the summer on a concert tour, but how can you recognize love when you refuse to acknowledge its presence?

Unacknowledged history


From the moment they crossed paths

The feeling of static

Something pulsating between the air

That flows between their lips

What does love have to do with it?

As you feel that beautiful weight press you into the mattress

Feeling things you never knew you could feel

Stealing moments

Beneath the harsh lights

Of a different city every night

Throwing feelings against a flimsy wall

As you have yourself pressed against


But not really

So effortlessly

It's something that is

So difficult to define

To put into words that you know

A love that is also

Not a love

But is in a way that neither would ever

Dare to acknowledge

Until the day

The music dies

And everything you know is turned to dust

And you're all alone

Thinking about words that went unsaid

How do you bring back

A time that once was

When you never acknowledged the time

When it was your present?


You look across the room

At an old friend's party

And that's when you feel it

That familiar feeling


A pang in the pit of your stomach

That makes your heart

Cry something fierce

And you can tell in their eyes

That they feel it too

And then a history that you both pretended wasn't there

Is the present

A present you've always deserved

But never knew you did

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