To Those Who Still Lie in Disbelief
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A short free-form about an emotionally abusive relationship and the tearing apart of what was supposed to be a friendship

To Those Who Still Lie in Disbelief

by kelseywoods

I had thought I could trust you

Yet you don't believe how he would grab me and force me down How he would tell me that the world would be better without me being in it Those moments when he looks at me and all he says is

"Kill Yourself"

You and I We have always been best friends Yet you still speak to him You treat him as if Nothing has ever happened As if Nothing has ever happened to me

"Get over it"

You say As you hold your boyfriend's hand and I try to tell you once again What he's done to me The boy you are friends with Something which painfully passes over my tongue

"You're not telling the truth"

You take me for a liar? After I've given you proof? I thought I could trust you

I thought I could trust you

I wish I were dead And you only had him Or you were placed in my shoes Bearing witness to his terrible sacrifice Of my will to go on And then when the sky opens up Bringing about morning

Maybe no one would believe you either

Maybe Maybe we weren't meant to be friends anyway.

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bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller,
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This was such a highly charged emotional indictment. Your "friend" is not your "friend". Your sords were enough to convince me that you were hurt terribly. If your words do not convince your "friend", find another friend. Great poem!!!!