Simpler times
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kelseywoods uncomfortable poet
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Wishing for the days when all I knew was love and everything felt okay

Simpler times

by kelseywoods

Back to the days you long for

Wherein the sun's rays kiss my skin Hair flowing in the breeze Untouched by the tragedy The maladies of life When all you knew was peace And warm, loving arms

How did you get to this point?

To the point where you no longer recognize the face in the mirror Something about her Makes her movements, her mannerisms So alien Beyond recognition Of who she once was

You find yourself lost in dreams

Dreams of what could have been Such beautiful tragedy, what you have lost You feel the breath flow out of your lungs Bated, borderline sadistic

What would she think of you now?

That small girl Locked away within you somewhere She looks at her reflection in the mirror Unsure of if she is happy Or just tired of trying to be Who she wanted to be

Is she okay? Hidden away for so long

You wonder about her sometimes Feel her breath against your cheek Feel the sting of her tears Tears for the now Pity Or is it regret? Does she even know?

Do you want to know?

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