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kelseywoodsanxiety & flowers /
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This was meant to be a submission for the "lantern" prompt, but it became a bit heavier than originally intended.


by kelseywoods

To dream of a day when the war within me stops

When my head stops its aching The marrow of my bone is no longer yearning to tear apart Ripping the very core of my being Until I am no longer a lone body Bound by the earth

A day when I no longer am bound by these ethereal chains

I am no longer obligated to be the person you want me to be This perfect girl who is free of sin The celestial child who is spotless Lamb

I am not who you wish I was

I am empty, grasping for meaning Clasping so tightly to things that pass before me I am not who you wish I was I am not even who I wish I was I am a shell Barren

I long to be weightless

If I wait for a sign of there being something more it will be too late for me I long for light A lantern for my soul to follow Creating something so much better than the reality of who I am

Lantern-light will guide me to something beyond the horizon

I will find a home for these weary bones Where I can feel sure and secure in my skin Believe that who I am is enough Forget my past No longer wallow in shame

Let there be something better out there for me

If I have but one plea in this life It is to be whole

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bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller,
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You are whole. The BS from the Abrahamic religions is where the concept of "sin" derives. You have committed no sins. Being untrue to yourself is a sin. You are born pure and beautiful. Revel in it. This was beautify written. You are beautifully put together and so is your poetry. great job!!!