Repetition (Birthdays)
Repetition (Birthdays) freeverse stories
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kelseywoods uncomfortable poet
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Written because today is my 18th birthday and for some reason I always end up feeling sad on my birthday

Repetition (Birthdays)

by kelseywoods

You only turn 18 once

You think it as you lie awake in bed Watching the clock tick away to midnight Wondering, futile in your small wish that you'll feel that magic from when you were young

Birthdays were once magical

Another year felt like a magic spell Increasing your age and your importance With songs and cake fueling your young self-esteem

It doesn't feel the same anymore

Unsure of when the change took place Where people stopped caring Singing birthday songs Wanting to make your day better

Why is it so important to you?

Living to a new year Holding back the sadness you feel Allowing yourself to bask in the morn' of a new day Feeling your soul, your body age

Maybe birthdays aren't important

But it would still be nice to be acknowledged

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