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when relationships feel akin to hero and villain


by kelseywoods

Tilt my eyes toward the sky until all I see is sun

Place you finger 'neath my chin and bless me with your touch So starved of feeling am I To shake at just the thought of you

Who am I to touch something so holy?

Underserving of praise

Arms wrapped so tightly around me until all I breathe is you

You smell like warm sun Sweet and pure and nothing like the one you hold so fast

Everything pure is found within you

Taste of chapped lips and brush of skin So quick to love So quick to touch So far away and yet so close

How could you find something blameless beneath such sin?

Having the gall to caress and worship That which does not deserve such desire and want The audacity to whisper and brush lips against skin To make me begin to question to self I once knew

I am nothing and you are something so wonderful

Hold me a moment longer Kiss me Let your skin brush against mine Let us pretend a moment longer that something beautiful can blossom within this hole That maybe I can embody the purity of you

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Lucid Dreamer
I love you. I just have a hard time with that.

bernardtwindwilGranddad & story teller, tomthepo8.com
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These words are written from a POV of self-loathing and depersonalization disorder. You have shown an inevitable train of thought of just such a person. The poem was tender and sensitive but not to the self. The first person point of view was brutalized by your words. Great poem!!!!!!