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kelseywoods uncomfortable poet
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[ideas on internalized homophobia, unrequited love, and dreams]

Not yet

Let's go back in time

To when we made shit wine

And danced around

The notion of feelings

That were so tangible in the air

Not yet

Not yet

Never enough time to say

The words you can feel

Begging to drip from your lips

So beautiful

But I can't bring myself to touch you

A quaking in my bones

Flowing through the afterthought

Of unsung melodies

And broken memories

Not yet

Not yet

The words are about to

Rip apart my swollen lungs

Your eyes

Throw me to the floor

Until my heart is breaking free of my ribs

Spilling out between my fingers

You're a vision

A classic dream

That I can see when I close my eyes

Light within the dark

Not yet

Not yet

Please don't say it

Because it will mean

That there is something there


Is the infinite paradox

Of want and need and necessity

When your calloused fingertips

Brush against mine

And we both remain there

In our solitude moment

A second that is ours

That will never be longer

Of our own admission

Not yet

Not yet

It will never be the proper moment

And we're both resigned to this fact

Of continuing to stay away

From the ever-daunting


That flows between us

Like an electric current

If you wander to close

To the greener grass

You're bound to get burned

Before you reach what your heart

Knows is right

What is rightfully yours

Not yet

Not yet




Watching you

Loving you

All the while

Knowing that it will never be

Anything other than

Not yet

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