(Not) Giving up
(Not) Giving up sad stories
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(Not) Giving up

by kelseywoods

You don't understand

What it's like To sit on your bed Stare at the wall And feel your soul leave your body As the world around you turns With no one comprehending What's happening in your head

You don't just give up on someone you care about

If you do Then you never cared at all You never tried You wish you would have But you never did And thus The floating begins again Floating away from the world at hand


When you fade out of the moment This everlasting moment which is your life A life you no longer want The only physical feeling you can register Is the tears streaming down your cold cheeks

What happened to believing? To friendship?

How did we get to this point Where I am afraid of you Where I cry every night because of you Where you are the reason For this floating That never happened before You happened

Is wish you could understand how I feel

That I could put into the words How you've hurt me The feeling of having someone you believed in Choose someone who has hurt you Over you You'd never understand Unless you were me

Just picture it

If only for a fleating moment A nightmare that you can't wake up from Imagine that the friends around you Chose someone who hurt you Over you And that they decided to give up On your trust

Oh niave heart

Hurting me once again As I walk by you in the hall You give me a half smile I try to give a weary grin But I can't I can't life the ends of my lips They've lost their ability To grin

Is it that you don't trust me? That he's a better friend?

What did I ever do to you? That I would deserve what you've made me feel When you laugh with him Talk with him And turn away your face From me The one who has loved you So fiercely

You're breaking my heart

I'm breaking I'm breaking I'm breaking I'm broken

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