Meaningful Repetition
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Meaningful Repetition

It takes 21 times of constant, repeated repetition for your brain to remember something

Perhaps this is why we remember the bad, repeated things in our lives more than the good

Why when my therapists asks me to look back on my childhood, all I can think about is the fear

I remember the moments in which I would hide in the bathtub with the door locker, holding my legs tightly to my chest. Knuckles white, gripping the rim and shaking as the door rattled off its hinges.

To think: I remember this more vividly than the moments in which my father would play with me.

Our brains are funny in this way.

I sit in the lecture hall with a silence ringing in my ears.

The only things my brain will let me soak in through repetition are the negatives. It's become harder to focus on my studies when everything is screaming in my head.

In my first Education class, we talked about how it takes 21 times of meaningful repetition for something to be remembered.

I've been trying to pinpoint those moments in which I can comprehend the positive reiterations of memory ever since.

I think, if there is any positive repetition in my life, it has come at the hands of him.

I have memorized the blue-green ocean of his eyes. The shape of his face is like a map I know like the back of my hand, but would love to explore forever.

Which of these repetitions is more meaningful? Does one define me more than the other - or am I both of these memories wrapped within one?

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