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kelseywoods uncomfortable poet
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I love you. I just have a hard time with that.

Lucid Dreamer

by kelseywoods

The space between us is few, but many

The sweet embrace of a long-sought love Met only in dreams Of tangled limbs Sweet nothings Silent, loving lullabies

Remember those days when I yearned to express?

Those feelings I held so close to my heart Poetic waxings on the curve of your jaw The bow of your lips The way your eyes swallow my conciousness whole Making me forget my name

Am I too young to know the peak of love? Or have I found it?

I see you in dreams There, looking at me Arms outstretched Saying you love me "Love" I never thought I would hear that word And not want to run and hide But you make it so worthwhile

Why would you fall for me? The product of some lucid dream

I am beneath you Below you Undeserving of your love Your unabashed kindness and affection

I love you

I don't deserve you But I love you And I hope I'm enough for you, in the end

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