It's not supposed to hurt
It's not supposed to hurt free verse stories
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kelseywoods uncomfortable poet
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About parallels and realizations and getting over things you never should have given so much thought to

It's not supposed to hurt

by kelseywoods

"We're friends. She just has this habit of hurting me."

She told me this as we were walking in the hallway And I didn't know what to say Until I thought about you

We were best friends, you can agree on that much

Sharing secrets and holding hands Forever was our word of choice Secret jokes and knowing eyes That was who we were

But then I started to trust you

That was when it began I started to admit all the things that had happened to me And I could feel you starting to slip away

I told you about him

What he did to me How he touched me What he told me How I tried in vain to end myself as he so badly wanted me to

And you just

Walked away

"I believe you" you would say

Yet I would see you Laughing with him, talking Calling him What you used to call me "Best friend"

Friendship isn't supposed to hurt

You shouldn't have a fear of seeing them in the hall Of hearing them laugh with the person who has hurt you You shouldn't have to worry About those times when they throw what you told them around

Like it was all a joke

Friendship isn't supposed to hurt

It's supposed to feel good And make you better and stronger Not tear you down Killing you slowly

"She just has this habit of hurting me" she says again

And I think of you Then I know what to say

"If it hurts, then their friendship isn't worth it."

It never really was, honestly It's about time I've realized that

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