Flowering freeverse stories
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kelseywoods uncomfortable poet
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About flowers and changing and learning to keep going


by kelseywoods

One day you are blooming

You are flowering and spreading the petals that adorn your flourishing beauty Facing the sun You are a child who can do no wrong, who knows no wrong Kindness and wonder encapsulate your heart

You don't know when the change occurred

Does anyone? You do not notice a change in practice, only in concept As you awaken one day and the world is like something you have never before known The sky is pouring down upon you

The hail storms that pierce your sides

Crushing what was once such vibrant, everlasting color It is her, and she is back She is the hail that rains down upon you Unnoticed until the last minutes when it was far too late


The girl you once loved In a way that you believed was unfitting to think of another girl That time in your life in which your flowering soul caved in upon itself Your petals obstructing you

Here she is again

That flower so bright and uplifting Now withered into the falsehood of browning leaves Bringing the hail that is meant to destroy your stem Leaving you wanting and writhing and reaching for her

But you do not

You do not let yourself become a victim once again Your roots have firmly planted themselves within the soil you have fertilized with your tears Tears of heartbreak and loss But also of happiness

For now you are brighter than you could ever have imagined

And she is no longer the master of your soul You are your own creation Blossoming despite the perceived cost Never again to snap against the hail and the rains

Flowering, blossoming, flourishing

Never again to wilt

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