"But he's such a nice guy"
"But he's such a nice guy" sad stories

kelseywoods uncomfortable poet
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Is he really a nice guy? Or are you just looking past the truth?

"But he's such a nice guy"

by kelseywoods

"Shut up."

How can I? Waking up every day not wanting to get out of bed Dreading running into him in the hall And seeing how his eyes rake over my body In that icy leer

You're right there beside him.

You don't notice Or, at least You don't want to You ignore it Look off to the side Pretending you don't hear the way he talks about me

"He's my friend, you wouldn't understand"

You call him your friend and my heart stops beating When was it? Not so long ago That we laughed and talked in fragments of "You know me so well" But do I? Did I ever?

You told me you wonder how we drifted apart

How hard is it to grasp No longer wanting someone in your life Who would give up your friendship and trust For the sake of someone who thrives on making your "Best friend" Uncomfortable

When did he become higher than me in your mind?

Where was that sudden switch When the stories of what he'd done to me Began to morph into fairy tales Figments of an overreactive imagination

Tears become the fuel you needed to break my heart

Without a second thought You held tightly to the one who made me fear being alive Leaving me In the dark

"But he's such a nice guy"

Is he?

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