Not an Ode to Love
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kellyfoster Poet at GMU
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Not an Ode to Love

by Kelly Foster

Maybe it was once.

But not now.

Now I walk freely

searching for myself.

An old scrapbook lies on the floor

I don’t want to witness a hue in someone I once liked from disillusionment.

I’m not a collection of diamonds

but my worth is as precious

I’d like to discover how to let love leave

as easy as it was to let him in.

After my last mark on paper

what’s the today I will let the words decide?

By what I’ve written

maybe my life will proceed in poetry and paragraphs.

After my last birthday, ​I am scared

no one will read my poetry.

Perhaps I am scared of the dark

Someday I think we would all like to know that light at the end of the tunnel.

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