We were stars once (pt. 3)
We were stars once (pt. 3) fiction stories
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Part 3 of "We were stars"

We were stars once (pt. 3)

The pungent scent of rain, the hushed silence of twilight, hung heavy, as I wandered the forest. I was in search of something, but what? I couldn't remember.

Strands of waist-length silvery iridescence, clung to my face and arms, beaded with the moisture from the precipitation. In the dark, it cast a low halo of light, and I was able to see where I was going. My pale flesh was raised in goosebumps, for I had no cover. I wasn't used to this strange form whatsoever, and lacked what it needed to stay warm.

A rustling of fallen leaves woke me from my sleep, looking up, I realized it was her.

My heart wrenched at the fact that she felt she needed to leave, in order to be happy. I supposed she would be able to guess how I felt about her. I never really told her, but she was the only one I confided in. Did she really not notice all those times she caught me staring? She was as beautiful in this form as her ethereal energy. The stars were jealous of how she shone, from within as always, but oblivious as well.

"Selene" I called to her, and she immediately found me in the darkness.

"Astraeus" Her bottom lip trembled for a moment.

"Are you crying?" She sat in the damp grass next to me, burying her face in my fur. She was freezing.

"No." Her sobs muffled in my coat, sent a pang through my chest.

I have to tell her.

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