Two Wolves
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One of the most vivid dreams I can remember.

Two Wolves

After I found out that one of my good friends had passed away, I had a strange dream. It was mostly random, and it started out bland enough.

First, all of my family from my Dad’s side was there, and my sister Emilie, and my boyfriend Xavier.

It was late morning or early afternoon, and we were eating at a restaurant, then we decided to go to this Radio Talk Show Host’s house who grows plants. I guess he was a friend of the family.

We get to this guys house, then his Dad (this man in his late 50′s early 60′s) comes out with his dog. He’s a short-haired medium sized dog, his fur was salt and pepper colored.

He had a tail kind of like Eevee, from Pokemon. So he looks like a fox, but he's not.

The older man and the dog stayed inside while the Radio Talk Show Host took us out to see the garden in the backyard.

Surprisingly, a red fox caught my gaze, held it, and slowly slinked away, and I pretty much forgot about the older man and the dog.

We did whatever we came to do, and I guess it took most of the day, because it was already dark out.

We start getting in our separate vehicles, but for some reason, my Aunt and I took a motorcycle. We then notice that, the Radio Talk Show Host’s Dad is outside, but we don’t see his dog.

All of a sudden, we hear this loud howling coming from the surrounding forest (which is weird because I’ve lived in Arizona my whole life, and I was on the back of a motorcycle,

which is also really loud). The howl began to get louder as I turned around, and saw this enormous, bigger-than-a-horse, White wolf, lunge at my leg. I freak out and it eats my Aunt instead.

The mountain of a white wolf lunged at me again, this time aiming for my arm/hand which he barely grazes, before another equally large Black, so-black-it-absorbs-all-light-around-it,

wolf pounces on the White one. For some reason, my family is still stopped on the side of the road.The Black one races to my family and it eats three of my family members.

The White one raced to the Black one again, and they begin fighting. The older guy comes out of nowhere, and tells me to run, I didn’t realize I hadn’t moved because I was so scared.

The White one breaks from the Black one once again, comes towards me, snaps at me, but didn’t pursue me. It felt as if it was urging me to run as well.

But, frustrated because my family members were eaten, I charge at the black wolf, which is stupid because obviously its really big and strong, and just ate my family.

But to my surprise, both wolves just look at me, very seriously, as if they were trying to convey something of importance. Then they take off running into the woods.

Leaving me with a motorcycle, the rest of my family decides to leave before the wolves come back and eat them too. Out of nowhere, Emilie appears next to me.

I guess I can’t personally drive the motorcycle, but we get on and she starts driving us somewhere.

Then, my dream changed perspective and took me back to the Talk Show Host’s house (but I’m not physically there, I can just see whats happening) and the old guy was there, looking for his dog.

He went into the living room and saw blood all over, the floor and the walls, smears of blood, as if something was trying to get clean on the carpet.

Then he saw his dog, laying on the couch, all dirty, bloody, and mussed.

On the way to wherever we were going, we heard on the radio station that some people died in a wolf attack, and it hasn't happened before in that area.

Emilie took me to this random store, where Xavier was working. It was a big shopping mall, and he worked in this car section.

I’m not really sure what he was doing there, since I thought he went to the guy's house with me, but I remember being torn about whether I should tell Xavier about what happened.

I was afraid I’d drag him into whatever I'd gotten myself into.

I decided to just peek at him, then tell Emilie to take me back to the older guy (since it was daytime now) to see if he can explain all this crazy stuff.

Flustered and incredibly confused, we went back and the older guy was standing outside with his dog.

His dog immediately looked me in the eye, slowly and deliberately making eye contact the entire time he walked over to me, sniffed me, then licked my hand. Afterwards, he walked out of the room.

Emilie’s looked at me like “Aww, cute doggy”, and the old guy turned his wise but sharp gaze to me, appraised me for what seemed an eternity, then nodded to himself,

like I just answered his question. Then he silently motioned for us to follow him inside, and took us to this room no one had seen the first time passing through the house.

There was one large wall that had a large mural painted on it,

The sky had both the sun and the moon and the white wolf and the black wolf on each side of the painting ( the white was under the sun side,

and the black was under the moon) then underneath the paintings merged into one, the dog sat, between the wolves. His eyes are the same exact color as mine (blue/green/gray).

We both finally figured out that he is both of the wolves somehow, and went into the living room to discuss why the wolves were attacking my family, but not me.

Then the old man looked up really fast, walked to the door, and looked at me and Emilie, and told us we should probably go.

We asked why, so he opened the door, showing us it was already dark outside.

We freaked out, because we didnt see the dog anywhere, so we knew he was probably changing into the wolves, so we ran outside and jumped on the bike.

We heard growling, so I turned around and it’s the darn white wolf.

I yelled angrily at it to go the heck away, because it’s stupid brother already ate three of my family members, and it ate one too, so it doesn’t get Emilie.

Interestingly enough, It didn’t seem aggressive this time, and it was strange. Still wary, we didn’t wait around to test the theory, started the bike, and began driving away.

It followed us close behind, but it wasn't trying to hurt us.

Unfortunately that is where my dream cut off. I'm not really sure what it meant, or if it means anything, but it is still one of my most vivid dreams I can remember.

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