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kellydenairuich it's okay to feel everything so deeply❤️
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Nightshade is beautiful. But it's poison. Just like the boy who broke your heart.*Edited*


"Tremble for me, I want you weak in the knees, just for me, " Whispers caress her from the dark, "It's you I need, don't you see?"

"Come to me, help me breathe", air forced from lungs, to be left breathless, hollowed out empty, alone and defenseless, against him, the epitome of sin, enticing her to give in, let go,

you cannot win, cannot fight, against provocative desires of night, only her song, makes his soul take flight, those are the words, laced lies laviciously lilting disguised by lust,

leading her away from light, true love, lost in this selfish, spontaneous combustion that feeds on pain, He's only out for his own gain, but she follows him, again and again,

twisting and turning trails of trechery, can't escape the evil lechery, of the Demon who plays the part of an Angel, she knows the farce, can she pull herself apart,

from who he changed her into? Quiet, demure, small, dirty, impure, how to escape? To put out the fire started by the liar, who told her she was nothing, to make himself feel like something.

Do not despair. Although vulnerable and bare, He is the one, who wears the mask, who you are inside, is always there.

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