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Take care, you reap what you sow. For the prompt, Farmer.


Plow and sow the field, Turn the soil, so plants are able to grow,

Hard work day after day, still nothing to show, for the roots still climb

and intertwine to find water, forcing the budding leaves, to the top,


If the farmer forgot, to water the plants, to take care, everyday,

if he gave up, and stopped

there would be nothing but a plot

of dry land and wishful thinking,

we are closer to plants than we seem, we all need to

plant the seed, and keep watering,

no matter how hot the sun shines that day, or if the clouds are stormy and gray,

we all have to find our way, to have the courage, the strength, to stay awake another day,

but if not,

do not be led astray,

the rain will always come, another day.

*Author's Note: Thank you to everyone who reads my work! I appreciate all of you. I want to keep providing relatable content, so my messages are always open! Feel free to prompt me or ask me to write about things <3

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