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kellydenairuich it's okay to feel everything so deeply❤️
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A piece on memories.


Fade and dissipate, through the years, Nothing haunts me, more than the nagging fear of Forgetting

all the things I had grown to hold dear. Everything changed, in my second year, Of highschool.

He broke my heart and I no longer desired to remember. On paper, it seems kind of poetic, but in person, I can't help but feel pathetic,

Little did I know, I would remember all those, Who chose to go, Regardless of how hard I try to forget, And now I really regret never writing it all down.

Maybe I might have discovered lessons to learn, in the puddles of ink, I chose to drown, And wallow in my distress, willing myself to overcome the self inflicted emptiness,

Maybe if I wrote it all down, I would reminisce, the good times in between the sheets, or our last kiss, a bittersweet lingering ghost, on my cheek,

Falling, flailing, failing, instead, staying in bed, with thoughts swamping my head,

then maybe this stupid game would admit defeat, But I wouldn't be me.

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