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kellydenairuich it's okay to feel everything so deeply❤️
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The feeling of having a connection with someone you just met, but it feels like you've known them forever ❤️ *edited*


Fond reveries of, Our first encounter, The first time, Silver eyes met mine, Sending tingles down my spine

And in a split second, Pondering What if You were mine?

Shell shocked, Because we met at time, I had decided to give up On love, Or any endeavor of the Heart,

It struck a cord in me, Stirred up feelings, I no longer thought I had, It took One glance, And I was hooked

the first time you touched me the world stopped for a split second

I remember you. Not from this life, but another time

From the past, Came images flooding, Of every time, our souls Intertwined

Not actual pictures, But the memory of having the same connection before

The first day we met, Your silver eyes met mine

And I wondered How I could forget A soul like yours

You peered inside, and saw Not my face, my mortal shell, but the esscense of me

Recognition, Flashing in your eyes, realization, You remembered me, too.

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