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kellydenairuich it's okay to feel everything so deeply❤️
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All I ever wanted...


You're good at this, aren't you? reeling them in with your clever tricks, getting them to spill their guts, and then what? use it as the bait? then boom, line and sinker, they're yours?

this happens every time, I think someone, could be my friend, but their intentions give them away, i practically have X-ray vision for bullsh*t

you thought you could be, what I was looking for, but I already found it, pretending to be him, risen from the dead, simply distasteful, I showed you the scars from where I bled,

and you disgraced them, taking a friendship for granted, that's plain wasteful, all I wanted to be, was a book, or a chair, a piece of furniture, in your life, not a lover, a girlfriend,

or a wife, and you've gone and spit in my eye, i thought you were a different guy, and you were hiding behind the guise, fed me a soup, laden with lies, and somehow thought, I would not despise,

the very thought that you could sneak in, and devise a master plan, to take me by the hand, well I have news for you, I have a man, and before he ever loved me, he was truly my best friend,

i ever had, he held my heart in his hands, and gave me the chance, gave me the option, if I would like to love him, he did not hold our friendship ransom, the choice I made, was a decision,

not a negotiation.

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