Endings and Other Sucky Things
Endings and Other Sucky Things poem stories

kellydenairuich it's okay to feel everything so deeply❤️
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Feelings on goodbyes endings, and such.

Endings and Other Sucky Things

Goodbyes hurt; because they're an ending, but expected nonetheless

But no one tells you that when your older, you're lucky if you get closure, at all

No one tells you, nights aren't for sleeping, they are spent awake, reminiscing and weeping, missing all the things you didn't do,

No one tells you,

And when times passes, it passes you by, without telling you why,

things shrivel up and die, and what anyone would do to start over again,

brand new,

Nobody tells you, all the moments you'll remember are never the ones you expect,

people turn into shades of themselves, different but still the same, slightly more gray, and how you won't stop pushing people away,

No matter how lonely you feel.

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