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kellydenairuich it's okay to feel everything so deeply❤️
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How it feels when someone won't let you in. I promise I won't break you.


Love lost, long gone, how did it all go wrong? Like well rehearsed lines of a song, predictable, but can't help but sing along, what did I do wrong?

Empty vases break among empty faces, do you even care? Or will you just stand and stare?

As I fall into despair, spiraling, flailing, grasping for air, you stand and watch me drown in the vat of consuming despair.

It isn't fair, but you don't care as you lure me closer to your lair, where you lie, deceiving eyes, hiding the truth, using words as your disguise, hideous disfigured, by your fibs,

by the webs you have woven so effortlessly to keep me quiet, unspoken words digging, dying to get out, to tell the truth, brewing and stewing underneath unbroken skin,

lying within this mangled heart of mine, heartbreak is too often described as divine, but I wouldn't wish this feeling, on anyone, even the dying, no matter how hard you are trying,

nothing matters, broken girls are crying, there's no need denying the breaking, the ghosting, everyone is afraid, to get too close.

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