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kellydenairuich it's okay to feel everything so deeply❤️
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What it feels like when the person you thought was the one... isn't.


You look for me, in every girl you meet, but she'll never have our history, the same eyes, and smile, but she won't ignite your fire, terrified of being left,

you constantly search for aspects of me, or just blinded by animalistic desire? Who knows your true intentions.

Doubts cloud my mind and haunt my soul, and I'm left with this gaping hole, I try to fill with thoughts of you kissing her, instead of me, out of pure spite, heightening my anxiety,

because if this is what you do when you're mad, what will you do when you're angry, or livid, will you fuck someone else, will you suck out her soul, like you did to me, leaving her desperate,

alone, and empty? You're afraid, or jaded.

You won't talk, I'm left in the dark, constantly barricaded from your carefully guarded mind, I don't want to end in misery, it's now or never, I won't inflict pointless injury,

on the black void cavity, that was once my heart.

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