My Cracked Mirror
My Cracked Mirror  depression stories

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I wrote this when I was going through a super rough time in my life. To those who are struggling.. IT GETS BETTER ! Keep fighting 😁

My Cracked Mirror

my mirror is cracked

directly down the middle ceasing every chance i get to view myself

the authentic model of me

although i was stripped of that vision long before

i lost myself to depression

not last summer

but the one before that ...

i watched myself fight only to ultimately surrender to the bearings of chronic sorrow

see but depression isn't so bad i guess

i mean it did introduce me to the shower floor,

a close friend of mines now,

it also taught me how not to be afraid of the dark

& how alone time is far more important than we think

all in which are great lessons

but i rather much just be myself again

i can't

not now

because at this moment my depression needs me

i'm a slave to its demand

shackled by the ankles with chains

i conform

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