A Night in the Woods: Chapter One
A Night in the Woods: Chapter One a night in the woods stories

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Chapter One of my attempt at writing a series of short horror stories all interwoven and connected.

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A Night in the Woods: Chapter One

The door slams shut behind Miles as he sprints into the house, a wild-eyed terror splayed across his face.

"What was that out there?!" He yelps at his companions.

"I'm not sure", Donna mumbles quietly, biting her lower lip while peering out the window nevously, her long, blonde hair swishing to and fro as her head swings quickly from side to side,

her piercing hazel eyes darting around, trying to see through the moonlit back garden to no avail.

They all relax a little, feeling safer with a door now between them and whatever had just chased them through the dense forest that borders the small hunting cabin on all sides.

Joe, with his short, dark hair, medium height and muscular build stopped holding the back door shut and instead slides down it to come to a rest, sitting on the floor.

The taller, skinnier Miles looks out into the backyard over Donna's shoulder, the moonlight reflecting off his dark green eyes, now looking significantly less terrified.

They stay like this, motionless for nearly five minutes, barely even breathing.

Miles jerks, almost like breaking out of a trance, "We need some light in here", he mumbles mostly to himself as he wanders across the shadowy kitchen to the old,

creaky wooden dining table in the center of the room.

"Hey Joe, can you toss me the lighter?" He says to the still motionless man sitting against the door.

"Hmm? Oh sure, sorry", Joe responds dazedly and pulls a lighter out of his jean pocket and tosses it onto the table, where Miles picks it up and lights the old, rusty oil lamp that sat there.

The room dances with fiery shadows as he adjusts the wick, eventually settling down to a warm, orange pulsing.

Nothing seems amiss in the room, empty beer bottles crowd a few of the countertops around them, proof that up until about an hour ago,

they had been enjoying a perfectly average summer night at Joe's Dad's cabin.

Joe stands up, taking a deep breath, steeling himself.

"We should have a look around before we relax too much", he states to Miles, who nods in agreement going to one of the cupboards and pulling out another lantern,

lighting it and handing it to Donna.

"Stay here and keep an eye out", Miles says to Donna who doesn't respond, she still looks completely out of it.

Can't really blame her, Miles thinks to himself, after what we just saw, I'm surprised we're not all gibbering wrecks.

She jumps nearly a foot in the air when he put his hand lightly on her should and repeats himself.

As her surprise changes quickly to recognition she simply nods, takes the lantern and resumes her silent vigil over the silent backyard.

"All right, let's go", Joe speaks firmly, as if trying to reassure himself as he and Miles wander out of the room, clutchng their solitary lantern in front of them.

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