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Akihiko's letter for his dearly departed.

No matter where life takes me, I will never forget you, you're Yui.

I still remember the days of high school innocence, it flew by far too swiftly. People would always tease us for any other thing really.

As we grew closer to each other, the insults being thrown at us were seemingly non-existent.

"Hey! Do me a favor and never forget about me, okay?"

As long as I was with you, nothing fazed me. Keep in mind that you're not a hero, Yui.

In the balcony where we used to share our lunch breaks. We filled each other's gaping loneliness, the darkest voids of sadness were gradually disappearing.

Your smile lit my day up, no question. Time was moving too fast, far too fast. The different shades of color you brought to my life will always remain as a reminder, that you were here.

You were in my life, you were never a hero, Yui.

Countless stairs we took up and down just to get to the balcony, I never told you how my hands were getting sore and tired of pushing your wheelchair,

but believe me when I say ; I'd do it a million times again.

We watched the waves hit the shore, Kamakura's view was not your typical "paradise" type of view. It was but a humble seaside view, nevertheless, our eyes were glistening with sheer amazement.

We loved the view Yui, we sure did.

As gleeful as your eyes were, set on the sea, there was something amiss. Deep inside your eyes, I knew it, I just did not choose to believe it.

Clinging to the thought of our dire situation getting brighter, we'll make it out, don't worry.

Knowing how uncomfortable you are as to talking about it, I still mustered the courage to ask you if everything is alright. You nod and smile with the most pain-stricken smile I've seen.

You're no hero Yui, that monster deserves not an adversary such as you.

You excused yourself from school for a couple of weeks. It was such a hard time, Yui. Without you, my life was in black and white. Devoid of all colors.

I visited you after saving up for 14 days, I even counted. As I ran up towards your hospital room, I saw you.

I saw your lifeless body hanging from the hospital ceiling. I could not move, my gut felt as if it was being punched. A doctor walked past me and wondered why was I not going inside.

He saw it too. Why did you kill yourself, Yui?

I ran back home. Begging for this to only be a bad dream. Please let it only be one.

After I arrived at school, I quickly ran up to the balcony, you weren't here, Yui. That's because you're gone. Everything that happened yesterday, it was all real.

Word quickly circulated around the school, everybody suddenly talks about you like you're a hero who gave her all to fight her adversary, or arch-nemesis. That monster, cancer.

Everyone did a fucking 180, people who made fun of you for having to go to class in a wheelchair are trying to act sympathetic. It's all a ruse.

They knew you had to use one because your legs had to be amputated to prevent that monster from spreading, or at least "try."

People were wrong, you weren't a hero, you didn't have the strength and courage to wield a magical sword and slay a ferocious monstrosity such as cancer,

you were a kind person who cried herself to sleep every night.

Your mom told me you only had a few weeks left for the chemo process to begin once again, pumping in those nasty chemicals into your body for a slim chance of "getting better."

You chose to let go, Yui. And that's a decision I can well understand, the sadness in your gaze that day, I finally understand.

That smile was not for assurance that everything's gonna be okay, it was the beautiful smile of someone who wants to end her suffering.

I love you, Yui. You were no hero, you were everything I ever hoped to have. And now you're gone, the dust settles, and our memories will forever remain, cherished in my heart, right next to you.


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