Utopia. by K.D. Sky

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Utopia is no longer a myth once you've fallen.

Utopia. by K.D. Sky

They say when you fall you must get back up but I fell so deep I don't want to get out.

Floating in the depths of beauty diving deeper, my skin pricking with fire falling until I find the center of the earth. Falling into the center of you.

Lost in the depths of this world I must plot the lines of you, mapping out the pure beauty of what makes you.

Utopia is no longer a myth; I have found it in the center of this new world.

Alone I explore the chasms, waters, and the mountains, every line, smooth plane, and deep drop off that makes you.

In this world, there is no evil, no loneliness, or darkness, just the smooth even elation I feel as I breathe you into my lungs.

The sun does not set as I gaze across the glass smooth surface of your ocean, because why would the sun want to leave such a wonderful world.

I feel much the same as I sit drinking in your beauty.

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