Long Walk Home - Chapter 2
Long Walk Home - Chapter 2 medieval stories
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Long Walk Home - Chapter 2

Aida's eyes fluttered open and she winced at the sudden rush of pain that went to her head. She had been out for awhile. The moon and stars glistened above her.

On both sides of her were thick trees that stretched off into the darkness.

"It appears that you are awake."

Aida attempted to sit up, but she soon realised that she was bound to a black stallion with thick rope. A silhouetted figure sat in front of her at the reigns.

"Let me go!" Aida screamed at her captor.

"No need to stress, princess," A deep voice replied.

The captured girl went rigid. Her kidnapper noticed the sudden silence and spoke again.

"I see that you remember me. However, I do believe I never introduced myself. My name is Prince Viz. It's a pleasure to officially make your acquaintance."

The steed carried onward as Prince Viz chatted. Aida shivered at the strong winds blowing past her; barely listening to what the prince was saying to her.

"Are you cold?" Prince Viz asked.


"I asked if you were discomforted with the current temperature."

"Oh no, I'm perfectly fine," Aida said bitterly.

"Here. Have my cape."

With that, Prince Viz unclasped his fur cape and placed it over Aida.

"I said I was fine," she spat threateningly. "I don't want your blasted cape."

Prince Viz let out a laugh that filled the cold, icy air.

"Dear princess, I only have the best intentions with you. Do not fret my darling."

Aida fidgeted uncomfortably in her bindings. Her legs dangled at one end of the horse and her head hung over the other.

Aida's arms were tied to her sides- her sword missing from her belt. "Where are you taking me?" She wanted to know.

"Why, to the castle of course."


Prince Viz hesitated. "Let's just say that your home is... Unfit for living."

"What did you do?" Aida asked, panic raising in her voice.

"Nothing, princess. All I am saying is that you deserve more than that filthy village."

Aida grit her teeth. "Shut your mouth," she spat.

"Did I say something to offend you?" Prince Viz asked innocently.

"I don't know.. You did just openly insult my home town and my people."

The prince clutched the reins tighter with his gloved hands and took a deep breath.

"I do not like your dry tone, princess. I am trying to be patient with you but it is becoming exceedingly difficult," he said; his voice strained.

"I apologize, my liege. However, I must admit that it is hard to be pleasant when I was just kidnapped and tied to the rear-end of a horse."

Aida let loose all the pent up anger and frustration into her reply and prayed the prince would have a change of heart.

Oh how wrong she was.

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