The "Lost" Boy
The "Lost" Boy
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kbaby2001 Tears are words that need to be written.
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A true story about a young boy who didn't get the chance at life he deserved.

The "Lost" Boy

The young boy tugged at the bottom of his father's shirt. He looked down at the boy, "What is it?"

"I saw a fish jump, dad!" A smile grew on his little cute face. "Can we catch him?"

They both stopped on the gravel road running alongside the misty pond. He sat down next to the boy and the boy sat down as well.

"Why don't we just sit and watch for more fish to jump?"

The boy appeared disappointed. "Why can't we catch them dad?"

It took him a minute to answer. "You don't want to hurt the fish, do you?"

The boy quickly shook his head and stared straight forward at the pond waiting for another fish to leap out of the water.

"There's another one!" The boy pointed in excitement.

The man's phone began to ring, it was his wife. He turned it off and directed his attention back to the pond for a little longer.

"Why don't we start heading back? I know a shortcut through the woods." The man stood up and motioned for the boy to hold his hand.

His small hand fit into his perfectly and they walked down the gravel road a bit more before heading into the woods.

The man began to sweat, unsure of how to go through with it. What will his alibi be?

A couple minutes later, it was done. The boy lays on the ground, lifeless and cold. The man stands over him, wondering if he really wanted this.

The man walked back to his car and turned his phone back on. He dials 911 and reports his child is missing.

We will never understand why people do such things in this world...

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