To the world's best mum,
To the world's best mum, mum stories

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A letter of love from a daughter to her mother -- the greatest truth I have ever written.

To the world's best mum,

by kateurquhart

To the world's best mum:

You don't always seem to see your talents, virtues, abilities, and perfections, so I'd like to remind you why we all think you're so wonderful.

You listen without judgement

You're generous with your time

You're caring and compassionate

You cook with love

You worry about us

You ask if I'm okay

You're loving

You're attentive to the needs of others

You explain the reasons behind the rules

You're selfless

You encourage me to have opinions

You're fun

You're funny

You're childish in the best possible way

You make sure I've eaten

You make me cups of tea

You notice the little things as well as the big things

You're supportive

You're fair (in looks and in your dealings with others)

You're passionate about so many things

You're an amazing teacher, in classrooms and in life)

You encourage me to be the best I can

You remind me to reach for the stars

You're trustworthy

But most of all, you love me for who I am, unconditionally.

Happy birthday, Mum

The greatest gift God gave me was you. I love you more than words can express.

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