my mum used to take me on adventures
my mum used to take me on adventures mum stories

kayurquhart I'm a newly-adult writer:)
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the story of a childhood

my mum used to take me on adventures

by kateurquhart

we went to hidden parks and forests that no-one knew about

we'd sit there and talk, or eat, or draw pictures

she used to set me challenges:

"I bet you can't swim a lap of that lake"

"try to build a dam to redirect the water"

"let's have a water fight"

we went to art galleries and played I-spy

I was always the first to find a painting with a lemon

we'd talk about what the artist was trying to say

and who the painting was of and why they used those colours

we'd pick our favourite paintings

and decide where we'd hang them up in the house

we went to posh shops for rich old ladies

where you could buy ugly vases and expensive cushions and pointless ceramic animals

we'd point and laugh at everything we thought was ridiculous

we'd pretend to be Eddie and Patsy

and look for "just some gorgeous things"

there would always be a competition

to find the ugliest item or the most expensive or the most pointless

and mum would always win

my mum used to take me on adventures

she still does today

and I hope she never stops

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