"I am not like other girls"
"I am not like other girls" sexism stories

kayurquhart I'm a newly-adult writer:)
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"I am not like other girls"

by kateurquhart

"I am not like other girls"

That's what society wants me to say.

They want me to alienate myself.

To betray my gender, To transcend Her,

She, Them, Women, Ladies, Misses, Ma'ams, Maidens, Sisters.

To ignore who I am,

Who we are.

To build fences and walls, Accept the offences,

The pretences,

The cacophonies of sexist condemnations.

To create dichotomies, enemies, animosities

"There is shame in being a girl."

That's what society wants me to think.

To think, to think, Rethink and doublethink.

To ponder the so called truth behind their con...

Duh! It's a crime to be feminine.

One simply shouldn't like makeup.

Or cooking.

Or bowers of flowers.

Look how they glower As I point out the imperfections,

The failings in their wailings.

Look how they flail when we assail.

When we stand up for ourselves.

When we defend until the end,

Until the end, Until the end.

As we upend their wrongdoings. Their abuses

That rain down upon us like bruises.

"Femininity is wrong."

That's what society wants me to believe.

That being a woman is an offence.

That I am only respected if I distance myself.

Do not misperceive their preconceived insistence.

Show resistance, Ignore them.

Drown out their voices.

Your existence is not an inconvenience.

You are loved and valued. You can make your own choices.

Rejoice in this!

Your voice is heard!

Don't take criticism lying down!

Vow now to be proud That you are like other girls.

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