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kayurquhart I'm a newly-adult writer:)
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a structured free-verse poem about oxymorons

I am

by kateurquhart

I am a living contradiction

A redundant oxymoron

I am stubbornly open minded

And recklessly careful with my heart

I fall in love slowly

all too soon

I care too much about nothing at all

And too little about everything

I am passionately apathetic

Selfish in my compassion

And far too truthful in my lies

I am unassumingly judgemental

I cry tears of joy

And laugh away my sadness

I love to hate

I hate to love

I know everything

I know nothing

I am a wise fool

An ignorant intellectual

Young in my body and old in my mind

An ancient youth

Growing in my decay

Crumbling in my stength

I am all and nothing

All at once

A living contradiction

A redundant oxymoron

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