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kayurquhart I'm a newly-adult writer:)
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this story is not about me

Dear Mum

by kateurquhart

Dear Mum,

I don't have the courage to say this to your face. I can barely find the words to say this even now. I wish I had your ability to spin stories and twist words. But I'm not like you. At all.

Dear Mum,

I'm not the girl you think I am. Not any more. I'm all grown up now.

Dear Mum,

I've changed. I'm different. And I need you to know who I am, what I am, what I think. I need to know that you will love me. The way you loved the little girl I used to be, once upon a childhood.

Dear Mum,

I'm scared writing this. What if you read it? What if you don't? What will you think of me?

Dear Mum,

You always told me you would love me no matter what. You told me I could be whatever I wanted. That no-one could hold me back. That a world of opportunities and choices lay at my feet.

Dear Mum,

The little girl you raised and loved has grown up. But I need you now more than ever, because I'm not a little girl anymore...

I'm a man.

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