and she is like a god
and she is like a god button poetry stories

kayteamoment Community member
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a poem for her, even though she might never see it

and she is like a god

she laughs when she says my name, like it's a secret worth keeping.

i turn to her for absolution and she gives it to me, presses kisses to my forehead like i am worth something.

(she promises i am)

i swear to buy her flowers, to bake bread for her, to prove my loyalty, my love, and she smiles at me.

kindness, not the infinite pity you had, trying to save a sinner and not knowing what to do with all the demons.

(she knows how to help me)

my words are muffled from the fabric of her sweatshirt

as i mumble, nearly asleep, about how I-

I am not a religious woman,

but being with her makes me wish I was.

(she makes me feel divine)

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