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We were lovers and best of friends


We were lovers and best of friends I was your wolf as you were my moon,

And even after all We just had to coat our shares,

It's been a while But I didn’t find nobody like you, Every beautiful thing you say The safety,

the way you made me feel like a king

I swore I'd be alone for the rest of my life,

Life was easier with you around You made every second worth the while,

Maybe we were lost But we will never forget,

We have smiled and cried together We shared the little moments that lasts forever,

Even when you're wrong You know I’d never let you be when you cry, You are my black queen I have loved you the way I’ve never loved,

I still love you as I always have Every song reminds me of you,

I'm all alone and cold Warm tears roll down my cheek,

I remembered your kiss The way it feels when you touch me, And suddenly I miss everything about you I miss the scent you wear,

The way your breath falls on my head To stare at you while you asleep,

I know I was a mess the whole time But I loved you the way I’ve never loved. Kaymoore

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