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kaylynn Awkward writer girl
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Friendship till the end. *Please note that this story is entirely fictional.


by kaylynn

I could always rely on you.

Whenever shit hit the fan or I just needed a shoulder to cry on, you were there. You didn't understand the situation most of the time but you never judged. Your undying support meant everything.

You always made me laugh.

No matter the problem, you'd always find the humor in it. You made me laugh from the deepest parts of my being, drawing out tears and soul I never knew existed. You made me enjoy life.

Your loyalty and honesty to me meant the most.

Whether I was thinking about dating a guy or another 'friend' of mine stabbed me in the back, you spoke the truth and stood by me. You gave me the advice I needed and stuck to me until the end.

I am grateful for you.

Without you, I wouldn't have survived school. Without you, I wouldn't have meet the man of my dreams. Without you, I wouldn't have this beating heart. Without you, I wouldn't have this life.

Because of you, I am able to live the life you couldn't.

So, in your honor, I take this day to remember the sacrifice you made when you gave me your heart. The life you gave me and the one you gave up. Today, August 7th, is dedicated to you.

To you.

My best friend.

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