We Are Time
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kaylynn Awkward writer girl
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We were inexplicable.

We Are Time

Soot smears against the pad of my thumb, staining my skin with a past I can't forget. Even if I wanted to.

The early sunlight catches our ring, refusing to release me from the memories. They bombard me at once.

His gloriously long and locked hair framed a chiseled face.

The sharp angles of his cheeks and jaw contrasted with the softness of his lips.

The love he held for me, sparkling in his crystal clear eyes.

It's been so long. Years has passed since our time together. Yet I can't forget him, no matter how hard I try.

His heart beats to the same tune as mine, forever in sync.

I gaze out from the dying fire, smoothing the soot into my fingerprints.

Our love will last for all eternities, despite our destined mortality.

For what we have transcends all that is reasoned.

We are time itself, endless and fleeting.

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